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What to Expect

When you first meet with a professional from Kids in Motion, we conduct a thorough and careful evaluation of your child that is tailored to the concerns that prompted the referral. Each evaluation utilizes objective and standardized measures, whenever possible. In addition to the formal assessment of your child, we also want to hear from you, the parents. Nobody knows your child better than you do, and your perceptions and observations are an invaluable component in developing an effective treatment plan.

Evaluations vary from child to child, depending on age, capabilities, or physical or mental development. However, every evaluation is conducted in a manner that minimizes stress for the child. And, we hope, an experience that the child enjoys.

Some children will need information about the evaluation ahead of time. We recommend that you tell them that we will be playing games with them. You can tell older children that we want to see how they use their eyes, hands and muscles. Please reassure your child that this will be a fun experience.

Most evaluations are completed in 1 to 1 ½ hours. Part of that time will be spent assessing your child and the rest will be spent talking with you. We also will use this time to explain the results of the evaluation and provide you with any additional information.