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Social Skills

A Small Group Intervention Program to Facilitate Social Skills and Pragmatic Language Development

The social skills groups at Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy are currently facilitated by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and are designed to address concerns with social skills and pragmatic language. A child may benefit from a social skills group led by a speech language pathologist if they are demonstrating the following concerns; limited conversational turn-taking, unable to make appropriate conversational repair (i.e., child says something that might not have been understood by the partner, how to rephrase and attempt again), difficulty maintaining topic in conversation, introducing a new topic into conversation without a reference (i.e., beginning to recite lines or talk specifically about a movie they saw over the weekend without stating that information to a conversational partner), interrupting conversational partners, and providing inappropriate details in conversation.  Additional concerns may include difficulty turn taking during age appropriate games, speaking too closely to a communication partner, using physical force or touching instead of words to communicate, avoiding interaction with peers, difficulty initiating conversation, difficulty appropriately asking for help, having limited thoughts about feelings of a communication partner (i.e., not realizing the effect their words may have on others) and using limited eye contact/poor body language.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy for available dates and times at 310-371-8555. To learn more about a specific class, please email [email protected].