Ellie Kuntz

Speech-Language Pathologist

Ellie Kuntz M.A., CF-SLP earned her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, where she cultivated a passion for working with children and families. Ellie has a wide range of experience assessing and treating children; from articulation, phonological processes, and resonance disorders to expressive/receptive language delays, fluency disorders, and AAC use. Beyond therapy sessions, Ellie is committed to empowering families to become active participants in their child’s communication journey. Through coaching and encouragement, she equips families with the tools and strategies needed to support their child’s progress outside of therapy sessions. Ellie’s professional journey has taken her to elementary schools, preschools, and private practices. When she’s not in the clinic, Ellie enjoys immersing herself in a good book, exploring new restaurants in L.A., whipping up delicious desserts in the kitchen, and hiking the scenic trails of Palos Verdes.