Physical Therapy


Kids in Motion provides a range of physical therapy activities. Our therapists utilize a variety of treatment techniques to enhance and improve your child’s mobility.

Physical therapy is often beneficial for children who are experiencing:

  • Developmental delays
  • Congenital or acquired orthopedic impairments (i.e. torticollis)
  • Genetic disorders
  • Cardio-pulmonary dysfunction
  • Muscle diseases
  • Neuromuscular or neurological disorder
  • Other mobility limiting conditions

We prioritize patient care and trust.

Your child’s treatment plan will be based on his or her individual needs.

School-based Therapy Can Help Create a Positive Learning Environment​

School-Based Physical Therapy Services

Kids in Motion also offers school-based physical therapy services. Therapy begins with an evaluation of a child’s ability to access the portions of the campus applicable to that child in a safe and effective manner, including:

  • the school bus
  • routes to and from class
  • classrooms
  • hallways
  • the cafeteria
  • the playground


Initial areas of concern are usually identified by a teacher or parent, and are followed up with clinical observation and an examination of the child’s functional abilities as it relates to his or her ability to access the curriculum.

Therapy will be provided through direct service, monitoring and or consultative approaches, or a combination thereof.

Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy is a certified Non-Public Agency for the CA Department of Education. The Kids in Motion School Based PT team currently provides the physical therapy services specified on a student’s IEP for the following school districts: Redondo Beach, Torrance, Lawndale, El Segundo, Wiseburn and Palos Verdes.  We also provide educationally necessary PT services either virtually or in person at the clinic for Blue Ridge Academy and Compass Charter School.