Speech Therapy


Speech and language disorders can impair a child’s ability to learn and to communicate. An inability to communicate can lead to frustration and behavioral difficulties. Additionally, speech and language disorders can impede social development and the formation of peer relationships. With the appropriate therapeutic services by a Speech-Language Pathologist, many speech and language disorders can be overcome and/or adaptations can be implemented to foster improved communication.

Your child’s treatment plan will be based on his or her individual needs.

Our speech-language pathologists are skilled with addressing a variety of speech and language disorders including:

  • Communication impairments related to Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Receptive and/or expressive language delay
  • Articulation disorder
  • Speech and language impairments due to hearing loss
  • Fluency disorders/stuttering
  • Voice disorders
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech 
  • Social skills/pragmatic language impairments

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School-Based Speech Therapy Services

Kids in Motion Pediatric Therapy is a certified Non-Public Agency for the CA Department of Education. We provide educationally necessary ST services either virtually or in person at the clinic for Blue Ridge Academy and Compass Charter School.

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