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Our occupational therapists help your child—through play activities—improve his or her independent function. Our goal is to help your child function better physically, emotionally, academically and socially in his or her daily activities. Please contact us for additional information.Treatment options include:

• Regulation of arousal levels
• Refinement of sensory processing
• Development of communication skills
• Enhancement of language and cognitive skills
• Age-appropriate self-care skills
• Motor plannin
g skills
• Hand/eye coordination
• Muscle strengthening
• Behavior modification
• Sensitivity adjustment
• Balance improvement
• Handwriting
• Oral Motor/Feeding

Your child’s treatment plan will be based on his or her exact needs.

occupational therapy

School-Based Occupational Therapy Services

Kids In Motion also offers school-based occupational services designed to help each child achieve his or her full potential and improve the child’s functional ability to access classroom curriculum and school environments. Our school-based occupational therapy services begin with an evaluation of the child’s ability to participate functionally in school activities.

Areas of concern are usually initially expressed in a teacher/parent report, which is followed by clinical observation and testing of the child’s ability to access curriculum. The process concludes with the selection of appropriate assessment tools to address specific concerns. Areas evaluated include:

Motor performance
Assessing mobility and the ability to use classroom tools appropriately.

Sensory responsiveness
Assessing potential processing difficulties affecting attention, regulation, modulation and discrimination.

Perceptual processing

Assessing spatial relationships, figure-ground perception, form constancy, body scheme, and orientation to time and place.

Cognitive abilities
Assessing problem-solving, organizational skills, attention and appropriate interaction with peers and adults.

To set up an appointment or for additional information, please email the center or call 310.371.8555.